Is This Nitpicking?

From The Boston Globe…

“The Yankee lineup isn’t as formidable without Gary Sheffield, but it’s formidable nonetheless.”

  • Gary Sheffield (2006): 39 G, 112 OPS+, 1.0 WARP1, .290 EqA
  • Gary Sheffield (2005): 132 OPS+, 6.4 WARP1, .314 EqA

To be fair, he was injured for the majority of 2006, so I threw in his 2005 stats to show his normal level of performance. So the Yankees lose this, but essentially replace him with…

  • Bobby Abreu (2006): 129 OPS+, 7.3 WARP1, .316 EqA

That in itself is breaking even, if not a slight upgrade. But the Yankees will also have Hideki Matsui back at full strength after playing in only 51 games in 2006.

  • Hideki Matsui (2006): 125 OPS+, 6.5 WARP1, .305 EqA

So the Yankee lineup loses Sheffield, but gains full seasons of Abreu and Matsui. Unless I am really missing something, the Yankee lineup is probably (and by probably, I mean definitely) more formidable right now, without Gary Sheffield, than before.

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