F.A.Q. Is Up

Hey everyone,

 Thanks to all four of you (hi Mom!!) for your patience. The FAQ section is now up with explanations for all these crazy, random, ridiculous statistics that you’ve been tolerating so far. It also has brief explanations of why we chose to use said statistics instead of older, more traditional ones. Anyway, check it out since it should make this site more enjoyable (if that’s humanly possible, I know).

Thanks again for reading!


2 Responses to F.A.Q. Is Up

  1. Jill Szczygiel says:

    Just checking out the blog. I don’t understand a word in it! Love you. Aunt Jill

  2. grumps says:

    I understand the words, but not all the non words. I’m sure the thought is there and I mostly agree. Keep up the good work (but pass, too)

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