Rites of Spring Day Two: NYY@PHI

The game was kind of a slog and I’m tired, so I’ll be quick tonite.

The highlight of my day was waking up and learning that Carl Pavano was scheduled to start for the Yankees. Since I only really started following the game last season, Pavano has been built up that certain enigmatic quality of a mythical, extinct creature. It was like planning to go to the zoo and finding out that a unicorn would be on display. An oft-injured, league-average unicorn.

Well, I saw it: Carl Pavano can, indeed, pitch. He just can’t throw strikes. I don’t think he threw more than three (EDIT: according to MLB.com, he three 16 of 33 – so the illusion of no strikes came from the fact that he fell behind often and early). I would be worried if this was a middle-rotation candidate, but since Pavano is ostensibly slated as the fifth starter, he should be passable. But just for fun: how soon until Hughes gets the call-up? I’ll put the over/under (after/before) at July 21st and say after.

Otherwise, not too much notable. Lefty Cole Hamels looked sharp for the Phillies; the Yankees only had four regulars in the line-up, and the game got out of hand when the Yankees’ scrubs + Johnny Damon rallied for four runs in the fifth inning. The Yankees had about 23 baserunners in three innings, and Torre got to take a nice little nap. For two teams whose rotations are being talked up, Boston and Philly may have relief emergencies from the look of it.


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