I Feel So Misled

ESPN’s Jayson Stark’s blog entry is titled “D-Backs Rotation Filled With Aces”. Despite the fact that I immediately cringed upon seeing that, I decided to be fair and listen to his argument:

The Diamondbacks may not win the NL West, but they definitely lead the league in Opening-Day-starter candidates. They have four pitchers who started Opening Day for their teams last year: Brandon Webb, Randy Johnson (Yankees), Livan Hernandez (Nationals) and Doug Davis (Brewers).

That’s it. Then he lists a bunch of other random baseball factoids.

So, to summarize, the Diamondbacks’ rotation is filled with aces because it has four pitchers that started on Opening Day last year. Do you know how many of them are currently good? One (Brandon Webb).  Davis is about average, and Johnson and Hernandez are bad. Do you know how I found this out? By looking up statistics, on Stark’s employer’s website.

To be fair, I think Mr. Stark was more giddily pointing out an interesting factoid instead of stating a debatable opinion. He even has a regular column devoted to recent baseball oddities, rarities, and factoids. But seriously man, your blog entry title is ridiculously misleading. The combination of the entry’s title and the entry’s content makes you look like an idiot. Cut it out.


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