Just a Minor Rant

The (poor) quality of the broadcasting during this year’s NCAA Tournament is really beginning to bother me. Anyone who watches sports has their favorite broadcasters, and the ones they can’t stand. Different personalities and styles appeal to different people.That’s just a matter of taste, and that’s fine.

But I can’t overlook it when certain broadcasters clearly don’t know what they’re doing, who they’re watching, etc. Of course, even devoted and experienced broadcasters will flub a name once in a while. They’re human too. But to me, it’s inexcusable for a broadcaster to regularly screw up players’ names and foul calls. For example:

I’m watching the Oregon-Florida game right now. Joakim Noah misses a hook shot, Al Horford comes flying in for a putback dunk, and fails. Maarty (not a typo) Leunen grabs the defensive rebound, and an overzealous Noah just about takes Leunen’s arm off swiping at the ball. Whistle blows. James Brown (the play-by-play guy today) says “And the whistle blows; foul on Horford”.

At this particular point in time, Horford is a good 15 feet away from the foul, recovering from his missed putback dunk. And also, how on Earth do you confuse Al Horford with Joakim Noah? I mean, look at Noah! Have you EVER seen anyone anywhere who looks like that?

Dick Enberg was doing this all last night too during the Kansas-UCLA game. He was screwing up names (I counted at least 10), getting players confused with one another, calling fouls on players who were on the bench, coming up with ridiculous names for rule infractions (traveling = moving violation?), etc. It was terrible. It was like he hadn’t seen a basketball game in decades. Not years. Decades.

Again, if a broadcaster screws up once in a while, that’s fine. But I think regularly screwing up very simple things (knowing the difference between each of the 10 players on the court) is pretty inexcusable. It’s their job to accurately relay the most basic goings-on of the game, right? If they can’t do that right, then they’re not qualified for their job. End of rant.


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