All Hail Sir Josh Beckett, Arbiter of Morality & Righteousness

We all know that Josh Beckett plays the game the right way. Last year, Beckett yelled at a player who thought he had hit a home run off Beckett, struck a little pose, but fell just short. Here, I’ll just let Beckett speak for himself:

“I wanted to make a point. You look like a jackass whenever you hit the ball like that and you’re pimping it, and you’re out. I’m kind of about respecting the game, and I’m not the type of guy to not say anything. . . I’m playing the game right. I didn’t appreciate that.”

Josh Beckett seems to have selectively forgotten all the times he’s struck someone out and run around the mound maniacally pumping his fist and screaming. I saw this with great frequency when he annihilated the Yankees in the 2002 World Series.


Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis was clipped in the lower leg by base runner Alejandro De Aza on the final out of the fourth inning. Youkilis stayed in the game, but the Sox already were peeved at De Aza, who was repeatedly trying to bunt his way on.

In the seventh, Beckett hit De Aza in the ribs with a pitch, and there was a little tension when De Aza stared out to the mound and Beckett started walking toward the Marlins outfielder.

Julio Lugo later had to dodge a pitch, and then Sox outfielder Matt Van Der Bosch was hit by Florida’s Roy Corcoran, which prompted a warning from the umpires.

The nerve! Some scrub in Spring Training was trying to bunt! Bunting! In the game of baseball! Alejandro De Aza, you are a rascal. What ever would we do without Josh Beckett, who continues to strike down those who disrespect the game of baseball by doing something completely legal and harmless? All hail Josh Beckett, who is definitely not a hypocritical mouthbreather with an ERA over 5.00 in the AL and a home run problem!


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