Yes, He’s Japanese. Everyone Calm Down.

Dice-Mania may have reached its apex (nadir?) this afternoon during ESPN’s broadcast of the Red Sox-Reds game. After Matsuzaka left the mound, instead of, say, following the rest of the game, the producers chose to show Daisuke jogging on the warning track. Maybe they didn’t know that this is standard practice during spring training games and thought that he was staging a protest or having a nervous breakdown or trying to warn his native people about an impending tsunami. It wasn’t even like FOX’s unnecessary cut-away shots to enhance the “drama” of playoff games. The camera was on Matsuzaka continuously, cutting away only for minor inconveniences like Papelbon pitching.

Here’s my new ultimatum: if the dude ends up with an ERA above 3.60, you guys are not allowed to complain about his disappointing season. This is all your fault. (Okay, it will be mostly your fault. The Red Sox didn’t cough up $103 million for nothing.)


2 Responses to Yes, He’s Japanese. Everyone Calm Down.

  1. Special K says:

    That was awesome.

  2. Keesup says:

    Thanks hun. :-*

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