Maybe I Heard Wrong…

…but I think Buck Martinez just said that four out of the five teams in the AL Central will improve this year. Amazingly, the team that he (and his idiot partner Gary Thorne) picked to regress was the Cleveland Indians, which is really questionable considering that they outscored their opponents by 88 runs last year and finished 78-84. They were terribly unlucky, and the constitution of their team has not changed much in the offseason.

Anyway, here’s the point: 15 minutes ago, I was sure that all baseball broadcasters knew that divisional opponents play each other during the season. A lot. A whole lot. Now, in light of Mr. Martinez’ comments, my faith has been somewhat weakened. Tell me, Buck, how is 80% of the AL Central going to improve if they all have to play each other all the time?

And also, Gary Thorne just said that “Now, in this day and age, if your key players go down [with an injury], your season is done”. You’re totally right Gary. Back in the good old days, if Mickey Mantle or Ted Williams or Willie Mays was hurt, your team would had continued success without missing a beat. Their old-timeyness and hustle would automatically make up for the lost production, as opposed to today where these spoiled jerks just give up and start sucking.


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