I Don’t Get It

Maybe I’m really poor at reading comprehension (I’m not), but the title of this article seems to be massively incongruent with its content. The title is  “Dodgers: Pierre Already A Steal”. From this title, I would expect that the reporter would tell us why the Dodgers are satisfied with their investment. Something like, “he’s hit for more power than we expected” or “his strike zone judgment is better than we thought”. You know, stuff that’s relevant to the title.

Alas, this is not the case. I will summarize the article for you (and you can look for yourself):

  1. Juan Pierre was going to sign with the Giants, but the Dodgers made an exorbitant, last-minute offer
  2. He’s happy in LA because of the weather
  3. He’s excited about this season because he’s playing with Rafael Furcal, who is also fast, and the last time Pierre played with another fast guy, he won the World Series
  4. Dave Roberts and Juan Pierre are both small and fast
  5. Juan Pierre’s uniform style is intended to imitate and honor Jackie Robinson

That’s it, really. This would be fine if the article’s title was “Why Juan Pierre is Happy & Other Assorted Random Facts”. But the article’s title is “Dodgers: Pierre Already A Steal”, which means I’m expecting to learn why the Dodgers have been pleasantly surprised with their investment so far. Unless the Dodgers are pleasantly surprised that Juan Pierre likes the weather, or that he’s small and fast, the title is meaningless and wrong.

EDIT: In the spirit of full disclosure I may have suddenly realized the meaning behind the title. Perhaps the author is referring to how the Dodgers “stole” Pierre from the Giants at the last minute during free agency. Thus, Pierre’s very existance in a Dodgers’ uniform already makes him a “steal”. I still feel misled though. Thoughts?


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