Cubs’ Offense Watch: 4/10

In the spirit of the previous post, I will be randomly and arbitrarily checking in on the Cubs’ offense. ESPN proclaimed them the second best offense in baseball, so I will be comparing them to ESPN’s third best offense in baseball – the New York Yankees. I will be using runs scored, OBP (because that was the basis for ESPN’s pro-Cubs argument), and OPS. These will be followed by their MLB ranks. So, as of 4/10:

CHC: 29 R (11th),  .320 OBP (15th), .700 OPS (15th)

NYY: 41 R (4th), .362 OBP (5th), .799 OPS (5th)

Obviously it is incredibly early in the season, but this will just serve as a starting point. Let the watch begin!


3 Responses to Cubs’ Offense Watch: 4/10

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  2. […] is the All-Star Break, and the Cubs’ offense still sucks. Like it did in April, May, and June. This really wasn’t that hard to predict, […]

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