Al’s Quote of the Day: 4/17/07

Al Hrabosky and Dan McLoughlin are discussing where Scott Rolen ranks all-time at the hot corner:

  • “I think he’s still got a ways to go to edge out Brooks Robinson, but he’s already vastly superior to Mike Schmidt.”
  • Schmidt and Rolen are both better hitters than Brooks Robinson. But Mike Schmidt had like 12 years with a WARP3 of at least 10, including a peak of 13.3, and he slugged way more than Rolen ever will. Brooks Robinson is widely acknowledged as the best fielding third baseman of all time, so this assessment would make more sense if he was just talking about defense. But it’s still wrong because Schmidt edges Rolen for Fielding Runs Above Replacement out of sheer longevity, though this may change in the next few years. Usually when you don’t use any qualifiers in these debates it means you take into consideration the whole package, in which case Schmidt is clearly the best of the three.

    Al, one can’t be vastly superior to the best of something. I don’t care if we are losing 5-0 to the Pirates at the time and Preston Wilson is playing all three outfield positions at the same time. This is no excuse for your crazy talk. You are the color man. It is arguably the greatest job in all of broadcasting, because you have no obligation to provide up-to-date information about the game being played; you can literally say whatever the hell you want. With great power comes great responsibility: please don’t shape more young homers who think the Cardinals have fielded the best player of all time at every position.

    PS: I have of course have nothing against Scott Rolen; I think he is a likely first ballot Hall of Famer.


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