JH 32

In June 2002, the Cardinals had just about the worst week a team could have. First, their iconic radio broadcaster Jack Buck passed away; then, more shockingly, their ace Darryl Kile died of heart failure the night before a game at Wrigley. After a brief tailspin, the Cards buckled down and won 97 games and the division title. Many factors contributed (chief among them Jocketty’s trade for Scott Rolen, completing the MV3) but the media obviously had a storyline to complete, and Tony La Russa won a Manager of the Year award for his steady, veteran hand.

Now would be a good time for TLR to whip up that leadership stuff again.

As you probably know, Cardinals reliever Josh Hancock died Sunday when his SUV collided with a tow truck on a freeway near downtown St. Louis.

There’s not much to say. A young man was at the height of his talent and doing what he loved most. And now he is gone. I just thought it would be appropriate to acknowledge it since we are a baseball blog and I am a Cardinals fan. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, the Cardinals, and anyone who knew the guy.



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