Mel Kiper, Jr. Has High Standards

I consider myself an NFL fan and a loyal supporter of the New York Giants, but I don’t pretend to know a whole lot about college football. That’s Mel Kiper, Jr’s job. So when I read his NFL Draft grades on, I was quickly reminded of his perenially lofty expectations for each team’s haul.

I’m not sure if you can access the web page, since it’s an Insider article. In any case, Mel’s lowest grade is a C- and his highest grade is a B+. No As, no Fs. Not even a D. Is this arbitary? Sure. Is it with getting worked up about? Nope. But damn, Mel, lighten up a little. According to you, every team in the NFL did either “okay” or “pretty good” in the draft. The Cleveland Browns got freaking Joe Thomas AND Brady Quinn (grade: B+).

Not everyone can be a draft-master guru like you, Mel.


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