Beer & ESPN

Sounds like a good Sunday afternoon, right? But that’s not really my concern right now.

 SportsCenter just had a segment in which an anchor peppered Buster Olney with questions about various hot topics around baseball today. One of the questions, not surprisingly, involved recently deceased Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock. The story inevitably turned to the possibility (likelihood?) of intoxication greatly contributing to his death. Olney talked about how major league teams are strongly considering removing beer from the clubhouse after games, and how baseball officials are privately concerned about the risks involved in leaving beer available. Olney agreed with this movement, saying that no other companies offer their employees a chance to drink on company grounds. The anchor, in his closing remarks, also adopted a supportive tone, mentioning the well-known dangers of drunk driving.  Cut to commercial.

 Back to SportsCenter. What’s the next segment? Coors Light’s 6-Pack of Cold Hard Facts, with Kirk Herbstreit.

 Now, there’s nothing wrong with this at all. ESPN is not Major League Baseball or the St. Louis Cardinals, two organizations that absolutely could not have anything sponsered by alcohol right now. ESPN is certainly free to do whatever it wants, because it is a separate entity. But it just struck me as odd, obviously considering the previous segment. Both Olney and the anchor expressed undeniable disdain for drunk driving (duh), and vaguely reminded the viewer about the extreme danger of doing so. Suddenly, the very next segment is sponsered by beer with the Coors Light logo continuously emblazoned across the bottom of the screen.

More than anything else, this was just a case of bad timing and miscalculation. I’m sure barely anyone else noticed it, and with good reason, because it’s fairly innocuous. But I don’t know, something about it just rubbed me the wrong way. As always, I welcome any of your thoughts.


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