SportsCenter’s Anchors Need Only Have A Pulse

During the Giants-Mets highlights on SportsCenter tonight:

Anchor Brian Kenny: “Dave Roberts at the plate. Jay (co-anchor), how many homers do you think he has in his career?”

Anchor Jay Harris: “Hmmm, umm….200.” (said seriously)

Kenny: “Nope, 22.”

Way to go, Jay. Firstly, if Kenny is asking you how many HRs Roberts has hit, it’s probably because he’s about to improbably hit a home run in the highlight, which means he doesn’t hit many. Secondly, are you freaking serious? I would fire you immediately for speculating that Dave Roberts has hit over 200 career HRs. It’s Dave Roberts. He’s a little dude with no power. Come on man.

I’m just jealous. I want Jay’s job.


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