Clemens Follow-Up

Here’s a pretty fantastic column about the Yankees signing Roger Clemens.

I think the article is particularly refreshing given the relative uniformity of published opinions about the signing. Most of the articles I’ve read have either evaluated the Clemens signing from a purely moral perspective (“he’s a greedy mercenary”, “the Yankees and Clemens are the perfect union of baseball’s problems”, etc.). That really is fine, because it is a unique situation and deserves a certain amount of ethical evaluation.

There has been, however, a shortage of articles that cogently, thoughtfully, and empirically evaluate the deal’s probable effects. Instead of going the “45 years old + 7 wins last year = catastrophe for the Yankees” route that many columnists have taken, the article convincingly and statistically explains why the deal makes sense. I don’t know if it’s right (I hope it is), but it sure was interesting to read. Check it out.


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