Happy Birthday Keesup!

Happy birthday buddy! It’s Keesup’s 21st birthday today, so if you want to give him a present (read: alcohol), feel free to submit a request in the comments section and I’ll give you his address.

Seriously though, Keesup has been a fantastic friend to me and everyone else in our group of college buddies. Some of us (that would be you, Phil) test his patience sometimes, but Keesup remains pretty much the most loyal guy around. His value cannot be determined solely by his FRIEND+ of 286; there are, in fact, many intangible qualities that make him a great friend.

Happy birthday!


One Response to Happy Birthday Keesup!

  1. Francoeur Frank says:

    Yeah he’s pretty cool. However, the more we talk about intangibles the more he sounds like Eckstein. He’s way better than that. More of a Rolenesque.

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