Statistics? What Are Those?

During tonight’s Mets-Cubs game, color commentator Keith Hernandez said this after Tom Glavine ran up a 2-0 count against Mark DeRosa:

“It’s amazing the difference in philosophies between teams. When the Brewers were here, we saw that they swing at anything close. The Cubs are a far more patient team.”

Firstly, anytime you say “the Cubs are patient” with respect to hitting, a deafening alarm should go off in your mind. In recent years, the Cubs have been somewhat notorious for ignoring the value in baseball players who get on base. I mean, their last manager said it just “clogs up the bases”. So that’s that.


  • CHC (2007): .338 OBP (9th), 110 BB (25th)
  • MIL (2007): .337 OBP (10th), 121 BB (20th)

If you look at the numbers, it shows that the teams have had very similar levels of patience this season (granted, it is hard to quantify patience). Nevertheless, this is why we should not make decisions, judgments, or conclusive statements based solely on what we have seen in the last 10 seconds.


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