Pop Quiz #2!

You all did so poorly on the first Pop Quiz that I’ve decided to give you a chance to redeem yourselves. Your lowest grade will be dropped at the end of the semester. Ready? Here we go:

Which of the following actual final scores from May 19th, 2007, best fits the definition of a “rout”?

  • (a) 13-3
  • (b) 10-7
  • (c) 6-1
  • (d) 14-0

If you picked (a), (c), or (d), you are wrong. The correct answer is (b), which was the final score of tonight’s Mets-Yankees game. I know it’s a “rout” for sure because ESPN.com’s front page currently reads “Wright hits 2 HRs, Mets rout Yanks”. 3 run win = rout, get it? This will be on future quizzes.

For future reference, the 13-3 was a “hammering” and the 6-1 an “overpowering”; 14-0 simply reads “Braves hand Red Sox 14-0 loss”. Interestingly, when the Red Sox won 13-3 it was a “hammering” but they were simply “handed” a 14-0 loss later in the day.

 EDIT: ESPN.com’s front page now reads “Wright hits 2 HRs, Mets scorch Yanks”. Better than “rout”, still inaccurate. Yes, this is a touchy subject. Get over it.


One Response to Pop Quiz #2!

  1. Francoeur Frank says:

    Special K, why does ESPN not think my Baby Braves are able to “hammer”, “scorch”, “rout”, or Ass Ram their Beantown opponents? We may be young, but youth has more stamina if you know what I mean.

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