At Least TRY To Hide Your Bias, Peter Gammons

During tonight’s Mets-Yankees game on ESPN, Peter Gammons chimed in from the little near-dugout media box thingy about the state of the Red Sox. Fine. He said the Red Sox’ only real concern right now is Josh Beckett’s injury, which Gammons went on to say is pretty mild and “not a blister”. Beckett should only miss one more start. Fine.

Then Gammons said the blister avulsion was caused by a “defective baseball”.

Wha…what? I know your Red Sox homerism comes through sometimes, but at least try and be subtle, Mr. Gammons.


11 Responses to At Least TRY To Hide Your Bias, Peter Gammons

  1. Francoeur Frank says:

    I understand that Gammons is a Sox fan but they weren’t even playing!
    Please tell me what Beckett’s injury had to do with that game

  2. Special K says:

    Morgan and Miller were wondering if the Yankees’ win was the start of a turnaround, but then started talking about how the Yankees have a long way to go before even thinking about catching the Red Sox. Then they threw it down to Gammons, who proceeded to talk about Beckett and how awesome the Red Sox are.

  3. firedannyainge says:

    Yankee fans whining about homerism. LMAO
    The NY papers are more biased then any paper in the world. I bet Iran’s papers are more fair then Newdsay.

    Give me a break. I heard the Gammons interview and he did not just jump into a pro Red Sox rant. That is a lie.

    FYI Beckett did rip the skin on a seam of a baseball so how exactly does that make him biased?

    Next time some Yankee fan whines about the Red Sox alleged only caring about the Yankees losing I am sending them your blog.

  4. Special K says:

    Please do, any publicity is good publicity. Cheers.

  5. firedannyainge says:

    Believe me no one cares about your blog.LMAO

  6. Special K says:

    I’m just writing about the game I love and things I find interesting, that’s all. I’m having a blast, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Take care.

  7. Keesup says:

    So, how’d that NBA draft lottery work out? :-O

  8. firedannyainge says:

    The draft lottery was poetic justice for Danny Ainge. If it gets him fired I am ALL for it.

    Special K,
    If this gives you fun then so be it. I will go back to real life now.

  9. Yankee3971 says:

    Bosox fans need to learn class, they should look at the Celtics as an example of how to win without all the whining. I love the Yanks and till Boston won I never noticed Gammons, But when the Sox finally traded Manny he lost it on Steve Phillips, it looked like he was gonna cry. I used to think that’s how a pro was supposed to report but the poor bastard is losing it.

  10. NYYFan says:

    He shouldn’t be allowed to commentate nationally televised games or for ESPN. He is so completely biased it’s disgusting. When Manny was busted for PED’s, Gammons had the nerve to say on ESPN and his blog that perhaps Manny started taking steroids because he wanted a bigger contract with LA. The implication here is that he never cheated while with Boston. Yeah, ok — a future HOF player with 500+ HRS and a career .300 avg decides to start taking steroids at 37 years old while suspicion of steroids is at an all time high and MLB is cracking down like there is no tomorrow. What a jerk Gammons is.

  11. Tombo says:

    I’m a Cubs fan and I’m sick of most of ESPN’s personalities because they’re all homers, they either cover the Red Sox, Yankees or Mets.

    I like Tim Kurkjian though

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