No, He’s Really Not

As a Yankee fan, I get sick of the constant Miguel Cairo ballwashing. He’s like the Yankees’ answer to David Eckstein, except he’s much, much worse. Sure he looks like he’s trying hard (and he is, because it takes every bit of his marginal ability to be bad), but he’s not this scrappy sparkplug gamer that the YES guys would have you believe.

Anyway, after Cairo catches a foul pop-up in tonight’s game against the Pirates:

Michael Kay: “I’ll tell you what, Miguel Cairo is just a solid, veteran player”.

Let’s define “solid” as “average”, even though people are increasingly using “solid” when they mean “very good”. So solid = average, right? “Solid” can’t mean worse than average, so my task is to prove that Miguel Cairo is below-average at baseball.

Miguel Cairo has a career OPS+ of 76, which means he has hit 24% worse than his peers throughout his career. He also has a career .246 EqA, which is significantly lower than the average EqA of .260. His average WARP3 is 2, which means he is only slightly better than the AAA scrub a team would call up if an injury occurs.

He sucks, which is fine, because most backup utility unfielders suck. But most utility infielders aren’t spoken of as a transcendent athletic and competitive force, as is the case with Cairo.


4 Responses to No, He’s Really Not

  1. Keesup says:

    Haha my utility infielder is better than your utility infielder

  2. Special K's Mom says:

    You suck! Cairo is a solid, dependable, versatile player. He may not be the best hitter, but he is always there when you need him. He makes wonderful defensive plays, especially these days while he’s covering first base because the regular, strong (Mankayvich is no offensive prize and he can’t spell his name the way it is pronounced) first basemen are injured or not to strong (Phelps? Come on!). This team needs consistency and they are getting it from Cairo. I still love you.

  3. Special K says:

    For the major league minimum salary of $380,000, I’d always be there too. And also, they are getting consistently poor play from Cairo, so yeah he’s consistent. But it’s okay, I still love you too.

  4. Keesup says:

    Way to shoot down your mom, jerk :-p

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