Cubs’ Offense Watch: 6/18

It has been far too long since I have checked in on the Cubs’ offense, which the experts at ESPN predicted would be the second best in baseball this season. I took umbrage at this obviously silly prediction, and decided to periodically compare the Cubs’ offense to the Yankees’, which they predicted would be the third best. To the numbers!

  • CHC: 307 R (18th), .328 OBP (18th), .744 OPS (17th)
  • NYY: 379 R (2nd), .360 OBP (1st), .807 OPS (2nd)

It’s 42% of the way through the season now, so it’s getting kind of hard to argue that this is a fluke. But because ESPN is loaded with experts who definitely know what they’re talking about at all times, I’m sure that the Cubs’ offense will perform as predicted by the end of the season.

Also, the Detroit Tigers really got shafted in ESPN’s predictions. ESPN didn’t even rank them in their top six (which consisted of “the best” and “the five best of the rest”). Currently, the Tigers have scored 407 R (1st), .354 OBP (3rd), and .834 OPS (1st).

I remain confident, however, that all of ESPN’s thoroughly researched and logically sound predictions will become true.


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