Michael Kay Obviously Does Not Read This Blog

Because then he would have seen my recent post about Miguel Cairo. During tonight’s Yankees-Orioles game, he said:

“Miguel Cairo obviously knows how to handle the bat.(emphasis his)

For those new to baseball this blog, I will recap. Miguel Cairo, in his 1044 game career, has:

  • .267 BA
  • .315 OBP
  • .359 SLG
  • 76 OPS+
  • 27 HR
  • .245 EqA

Miguel Cairo sucks. He “obviously” knows how to handle the bat in that he doesn’t look at it quizzically, sniff it, tap it, and then use it to pick his nose. He knows that he has to swing it. That’s about it.


3 Responses to Michael Kay Obviously Does Not Read This Blog

  1. Chris says:

    I would just like to comment about Michael Kay for a moment. How does this man have a job? He is unknowledgeable about the sport of baseball, although he has seen far more games than the average baseball fan. His explanations of plays in the field leave the viewer completely lost, as the statements either come out of left field or are so asinine and poorly articulated that the listener stops paying attention. I find him quite curt and surely to his viewers. There are times during his telecast that the viewer can tell that the announcer is cheap and is just looking for freebies. The man must have a different definition of the word “driven deep” than the one I do because I surely never hear him getting a call correctly. And when he does get the call right, I have to hear his pathetic “SEE YA”. Furthermore, why does he use the phrase “Last Licks” on every telecast? What is he a five-year old? I would like to hear feed back to see if I am the only one who feels this way about the man.

  2. Greg says:

    Michael Kay is the worst broadcaster I have ever heard (my subset includes Ken Harrelson). Chris, you are right on — I could not have stated it any better myself.

  3. alex says:

    Michael Kay’s “see ya” is by far the WORST home run call I have ever heard. He reminds me of the kid who couldn’t play sports and was always resentful of athletes. Now he gets to show his stat-filled immaturity to the world almost every game. His cohosts are often great – especially Al Leiter or David Cone. Just the other day I heard him say that he wished he could have done a “see ya” to a Mantle home run. Thank God he wasn’t broadcasting then.

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