Michael Kay Lives Only In The Present

During this afternoon’s Yankees-A’s game, Mark Kotsay comes up to bat against Kei Igawa in the top of the 4th. Kay says:

“Here’s Mark  Kotsay. He does not hit left-handers well – 2 for 24. That’s .083.”

Well, ok. That’s true for this season. Mark Kotsay is indeed 2 for 24 against lefties this season.

But because Michael Kay is wrong about 75% of the time on a whim, I went to this awesome website called baseballreference.com that has all sorts of stats and stuff. I searched for Mark Kotsay, and then went to his career splits. Here’s what I found:

  • vs. RHP: 4061 PA, .284 BA, .341 OBP, .420 SLG, .761 OPS, 101 OPS+
  • vs. LHP: 1345 PA, .284 BA, .333 OBP, .415 SLG, .748 OPS, 97 OPS+

Mark Kotsay has been, like, exactly the same player against both righties and lefties throughout his career.


2 Responses to Michael Kay Lives Only In The Present

  1. ChrisV82 says:

    To be “fair” to Kay, situational stats and such are provided for him by YES/My9, so really it’s the entire broadcasting production that should be criticized. However, Kay should have known, or at least noted, that 24 at bats is a very small sample size.

  2. Francoeur Frank says:

    You know, that might be the most even-keel comment ever posted to this site. Informative and respectful; ChrisV82 why can’t everyone respond like you. Love it!

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