If Only They Sat Right Next To Each Other On The Bench Every Single Day…

…then maybe Yankees’ pitching coach Ron Guidry and manager Joe Torre could communicate better. Wait, what’s that, they do? They do sit right next to each other on the bench every single day? Okay, well, then please help me explain this.

After yesterday’s (6/30) game against the A’s:

Ron Guidry said he will talk with Proctor today to see if he’s OK physically.

“Maybe they’re just dead tired,” the pitching coach said. “We abused them in the first month and a half of the season. They were in there almost every day.”

Then, during today’s (7/1) game:

Scott Proctor pitching for New York

The score, mind you, was 11-5 Oakland when he was brought in. And also, the Yankees just brought up Edwar Ramirez, who was having a ridiculous season in AAA, to see what he can offer.

I can’t believe how dysfunctional and ineptly-run the Yankees are. Unbelievable.


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