My Sister Makes Her Blog Debut

So I’m watching the Twins-Yankees game on this glorious 4th of July, and my sister walks into the room. She hates baseball, so this in itself is a remarkable feat. Michael Cuddyer is batting. Therefore, YES puts his name up on the screen, along with his BA, HR, and RBI.

She looks at his name. “I would have pronounced it Cudd-yer” she says.


“If you replaced the ‘y’ with an ‘l’, his last name would be ‘Cuddler’. That would be cute.”

Another pause. She leaves the room.

I look forward to more of these moments when my girlfriend and I reunite at school in August.

2 Responses to My Sister Makes Her Blog Debut

  1. ChrisV82 says:

    Imagine if his name was Cuddly?

  2. Special K's Mom says:

    This seems a bit akin to all the women noting the Brad/Pitt team designations during some old basketball tournament (was it the NCAA’s in 2006?). We just see things a little differently than you guys do. At least we’re paying SOME attention.

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