This Is Really Late, But Whatever

On 7/21, Matt DeSalvo is in the first inning of his spot-start for the Yankees. Yankees’ play-by-play man Michael Kay explains why DeSalvo was chosen to pitch over other bums prospects in AAA. Paraphrased:

“Matt DeSalvo is pitching today because he throws strikes. Talking to Joe Torre before the game, he said that the big thing DeSalvo has going for him is his ability to throw strikes.”

A quick look at DeSalvo’s major league statistics reveals just how crazy that statement is. In 27.2 IP, DeSalvo has allowed 18 BB and struck out 10. His BB/9 is 5.86, and his K/9 is 3.2.

Okay, but 27 innings is a small sample. Special K should follow his own advice and look at a larger set of data.

In 508 minor league IP, DeSalvo has walked 254. That’s a BB/9 of 4.5.

I don’t know who is more at fault: Kay for stating as fact something so obviously wrong, or Torre for even suggesting this is true in the first place. Even more amazing is that Kay has seen each and every one of DeSalvo’s starts this year, and it has been painfully obvious in each one that DeSalvo can’t find the plate with any sort of regularity. Kay should have at least expressed doubt about Torre’s assessment, but then again, the Yankees are the ones writing Kay’s paycheck every two weeks.

I mean, really, do these guys even look at the numbers in front of them?


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