The Yankee Fan Behind Me Today Was An Idiot

I was at the Yankees-Royals game today with my dad (hi dad!), when I heard a particularly prepostrous assessment from the fan behind me. When I go to Yankee games, I typically overhear the same set of misinformed fan analysis – “wow, Jeter is a great defensive shortstop”, “the Yankees would be crazy to let Torre go”, etc. That’s fine; I’m used to it at this point.

Today’s transgression was pretty bad. Late in the game while the Royals were batting, the fan behind me begins talking to his neighbors in a self-assured, confident, omniscient tone. This tone prompts me to tune in, because – based on my considerable experience at Yankee Stadium – there are very few Yankee fans who have any right to be this confident in assessing anything. That’s a fancy way of saying most Yankee fans are misinformed and/or dumb. Here’s what he said:

“Remember the Royal who hit the homer earlier? Gload? Yeah, he’s gonna be a good player. He’s a good hitting young first baseman. They’ve got a keeper in him.”

Ross Gload is 31 years old. This year, he has an OBP of .318 and 5 home runs. 5. From a 1B. He is 31 years old. Career high: 7. His OPS+ is 92. He is 31 years old. His WARP this year is 1.1, which means that if you replaced Gload with a call-up from AAA, your team would only be 1 win worse. Plus, he has a nefarious-sounding name. Plus plus, he is 31 years old.

My point is: the Yankee fan behind me today was an idiot.


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