Cubs’ Offense Watch: August (8/11)

It’s that time again! Let’s see how the Cubs’ offense, which ESPN predicted would be the second best in baseball, is doing with the majority of the season over. As always, we will be comparing them to the Yankees’ offense, which ESPN ranked as inferior.

  • CHC: 533 R (17th),  .330 OBP (17th), .740 OPS (18th)
  • NYY: 684 R (1st), .366 OBP (1st), .834 OPS (1st)

ESPN continues to wow us with its predictive powers.


2 Responses to Cubs’ Offense Watch: August (8/11)

  1. tsos20 says:

    How could anyone not think the Yankees have a great offense. The Cubs haven’t been scoring as much as anticipated though.
    The Sultan on Sports

  2. Special K says:

    In fairness to ESPN, they didn’t say the Yankees’ offense was bad, just that the Cubs’ was better. The reason I’m ragging on ESPN so much is that the Cubs’ marginal offensive improvement was entirely predictable:

    Thanks for commenting. We hope to hear from you again.

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