And By “Pesky”, I Mean “Short”

During the 1st inning of today’s Yankees-Orioles game, Michael Kay said:

“Here’s Brian Roberts leading off for the Orioles. He’s pesky; the whole top of their order is pesky. They make good contact, get on base, and run.”

I do not dispute Brian Roberts’ ability to play baseball. He’s got a .401 OBP and 36 steals in 42 attempts.

I strongly dispute Corey Patterson’s inclusion (he is their #2 hitter today). He has a .308 OBP, which is terrible. Players better at getting on base than Patterson include: Felipe Lopez, Alex Gonzalez, Yuniesky Betancourt, Brian Schneider, and Jack Wilson.

I do, however, think that I have discovered why Michael Kay thinks the top of the O’s order is “pesky” – Roberts and Patterson are both 5’9.


3 Responses to And By “Pesky”, I Mean “Short”

  1. Scribblerist says:

    Hahaha short people suck.

  2. Keesup says:

    Everyone is short compared to you, you bloodless freak.

  3. Special K says:

    I am just going to go ahead and assume that that’s Stillman and you didn’t just verbally assault one of our readers.

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