But He’s Got Four Rings!!!1!!1

I have no right to be continually amazed by Joe Torre quotes, since he’s been around for a good while now. But as I’ve morphed into a more sabermetrically-minded, lunacy-resistant baseball fan, many of Torre’s sayings that used to just sound funny are now completely infuriating. Like this:

“With (Jose) Molina (catching) and Betemit at short, I wanted to put him in the lineup,” Torre said of Giambi, who had started in just one of the previous six games. “He gives us more guts.”

Giambi is not in the lineup because of his career 149 OPS+, including 130 during his injury-shortened season. It has nothing to do with his .301 EqA, or his career .412 OBP. Giambi was put in the lineup because of his gigantic, overflowing, crimson entrails.

Go to hell, Torre. Or at least medical school to get over your strange fascination with viscera.


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