Accountability? What Accountability?

Baseball Tonight just ran a segment about the Seattle Mariners’ recent (predictable) woes. After summarizing their 9 game losing streak, Karl Ravech turns to the analysts for analysis. Of course, the one to dissect their problems is John Kruk, and not the adjacent Steve Phillips, who has done nothing in recent weeks but assure viewers that the Mariners will make the playoffs, and the Yankees will not.

This is arguably nitpicking, but I find this annoying. Phillips is on record – ESPN chats, BBTN, radio spots – as saying that the Mariners have what it takes to make the playoffs, and that the Yankees’ run is “too little too late.” Even though Phillips’ analysis can be and has been proven demonstrably false, I have yet to see him held accountable for his awful, woeful insight.

Of course, this is not like demanding someone be held accountable for war crimes or any other even moderately serious issue. It’s baseball, baseball is fun, and arguing about it is even more fun. But man, I wish ESPN would routinely return to analysts’ predictions – whether they be true or false – in order to both further enlighten the viewer and to hold analysts responsible for their predictions.


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