This Is By No Means Conclusive…

…but since August 20th, when ESPN’s Steve Phillips said it’s “too little too late” for the Yankees with respect to catching the Mariners in the AL Wild Card race (despite being 0.5 back), the Mariners are 5-12 (including convincingly losing 2 out of 3 to the Yankees this week). The Yankees have a 3 game lead in the Wild Card, which is, of course, not insurmountable. But Christ almighty, the Mariners’ eventual regression was so obvious even to me – an unpaid Vanderbilt student. Steve Phillips, paid ESPN baseball analyst, had no idea that the Mariners were going to regress so mightily.

It wasn’t that hard to predict. And I am never going to let this go. A 0.5 game deficit in the Wild Card…”too little too late”…with nearly 40 games to play. What a joke.


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