George Herman Ruth, You Moron’s Dayn Perry’s power rankings:

4. The Yanks are once again surging, and they now hold a semi-comfortable lead in the AL Wild Card chase. Alex Rodriguez reached the 50-homer mark for the third time in his career, and he’s on pace to finish the season with 58 bombs, which would be the second-most in Yankee franchise history. On the downside, Andy Phillips is likely done for the year, and Roger Clemens probably won’t be able to return to the mound until the weekend.

I am going to ignore the fact that Perry thinks losing Andy Phillips is a problem for the Yankees, because it’s not a problem – it’s a blessing.

What I am going to focus on is the part where Perry thinks that 58 homers would be the second most in Yankee franchise history. Roger Maris is first with 61 – I think we pretty much all know that. But there’s also this Babe Ruth guy who hit 59 homers in 1921, and 60 in 1927. Last time I checked, 59/60 > 58. If A-Rod hits 58, that would be fourth most in franchise history. Not second. Not third. Fourth.


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