Richard Justice Says Something Dubious

Tonight’s “Pardon The Interruption” featured a segment with their go-to baseball analyst, Richard Justice. Discussion shifted to the NL playoffs; more specifically, to the San Diego Padres and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Justice:

“Both teams are really, really good. The Padres’ pitching is fantastic, and the Diamondbacks aren’t going to surprise anyone, plus they have Brandon Webb. Either one could win it all.”

Look, crazy stuff happens in October. The Cardinals won the World Series last year (sorry Keesup). But the Diamondbacks are the only playoff team that has been outscored this year – 671 RS and 692 RA. And, with reluctant apologies, that’s in the NL. The NL sucks this year. Richard Justice thinks the worst playoff team in the clearly inferior league has a shot to win it all.

I mean, maybe. Everyone has a shot. It’s baseball. But no, that was a stupid thing to say.


One Response to Richard Justice Says Something Dubious

  1. Special K's Mom says:

    Any comments about Barry Bonds and the Giants declining to sign him for next year?

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