Is He Joking? I Can’t Tell. Help Me Out.

So today, I found myself putting off work and reading a chat with ESPN’s Mark Schlabach. Yes, this is college football. It turns out that I like college football. If Bobby Johnson would stop calling QB draws for our immobile white quarterback on every first down against fast (read: every other) SEC team, I would like college football even more. But whatever. This caught my eye in today’s chat:

J.T. (Harrisonburg, VA): I’m a fan of your commentary, but i’ve noticed you dodge some questions, and fail to give a clear answer. Care to give your BCS Title game predictions?

Mark Schlabach: I don’t dodge questions. I had LSU-USC since the preseason. I’ll go with Oklahoma-Ohio State now….. 

Immediate, next question:

J. Davis (Clemson): Who is better, that coach in Blackburg, Va., or the one at Wake Forest? 

Mark Schlabach: I like the guy in Blackburg and the guy in Winton-Salem. 

He dodged that question, right? Presented with Choice A and Choice B, Mark took both, right? Or is he trying to be funny? And also, it’s Blacksburg and Winston-Salem. Is his “s” key broken? It can’t be though, because he got the “s” in “Salem.” WHAT IS GOING ON???

Oh, right, I’m putting off that paper.


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