Isiah Thomas, I Hate You

The New York Knicks were my first sports love. As such, it absolutely pains me to see what Isiah Thomas has done and will continue to do to the franchise. I recognize that James Dolan isn’t free from blame either, and probably deserves more than Isiah.

Anyway, this quote caught my eye:

“Overall, I was pleased with our effort,” Thomas said. “We had to do a better job at the foul line. If we could do a better job from the foul line, it’s a different ballgame. In a six-point basketball game, it’s the little things that beat you.”

The score was 110-106, Cavaliers. It was a four-point game. Not six. I am being a nitpicky jerk, and I am comfortable with that.

More infuriating is the fact that Isiah seems to think that poor free-throw shooting is the reason the Knicks lost. Here’s an idea. Let me know if you’re with me on this. I think – maybe – the main problem is letting the Cleveland freaking Cavaliers drop 110 on you. The Cavs are awful. They are bad at basketball. Maybe, Isiah, the problem is you constructing a roster that has less than zero interest in playing defense. Maybe the problem is your strange fascination with obtaining as many guys as possible that need the basketball to be effective. And usually they aren’t even all that effective when they have it. I think that might be the problem. Not free-throw shooting, you idiot.

I hate Isiah Thomas. Rant over.


2 Responses to Isiah Thomas, I Hate You

  1. Mark the Shark says:

    I think Isaiah really has no idea what it takes to win ball games from a coaching standpoint. Winning as a player and a coach are 2 entirerly different things. Magic tried to coach, was bad at it, and to his credit realized that fact and passed the reins over quickly to a more experienced coach. Same with Bird, he wished he would have spent time as an assistant before he was a head coach so he would have done a better job. Isaiah actually thinks he is doing a good job, and actually fired one of the best coaches in bball history in larry Brown to prove it. He is a mindless, arrogant idiot. The worst kind.
    you’ll like this

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