Two Very Small Beefs

Two beefs with yesterday’s “Pardon The Interruption”:

(1) One of Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon’s topics (I think it was duing The Big Finish) was today’s Navy-Notre Dame. The question was “can Navy upset Notre Dame?” Navy is 4-4 and Notre Dame is 1-7. I know they’re Notre Dame, but how many games does it take to realize that they stink? It would be an upset if Notre Dame won.

(2) I know the show is designed as a conversation you’d have with a friend at a bar, and thus is prone to some fairly wild predictions and unsubstantiated analysis. But it still bothered me a little when Kornheiser asked Wilbon “what are the chances that the big four undefeated teams (BC, Ohio State, Kansas, and Arizona State) remain undefeated through the weekend?”, and Wilbon emphatically said 0%.

The chances would be 0% if two of the four played each other, but this is not the case. BC plays Florida state, Ohio State won, Kansas won, and Arizona State plays Oregon. It is a distinct possibility that all four will remain undefeated. 0% is a dumb, dumb answer. At least say 1%.

Back to football.


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