Is Craig Davis Now Known As Buster Davis?

During last weekend’s Chargers-Titans game, I went on a long and bitter rant to my buddy Phil about the game’s broadcasters. This is a shocking development, I know. The play-by-play guy referred to Chargers’ WR Craig Davis as Buster Davis. Because I have no life, I know that Craig Davis is a WR from LSU and Buster Davis is a LB from Florida State. Therefore, I started yelling about how the broadcasters don’t know basic stuff like this, how I could do their job, etc.

But today, it happened again. Craig Davis made another catch against the Colts, and Greg Gumbel called him Buster. I flipped out for ten seconds, and then decided to use my valuable time to investigate this. does indeed have two separate player pages for these guys – one for Craig Davis and one for Buster Davis. According to this, the Arizona Cardinals cut Buster Davis in training camp prior to this season, which would explain why his player page has no professional statistics. But this blurb calls the Chargers’ WR Buster Davis, yet provides no link to his player page. So, either Craig Davis decided he wants to be known as “Buster”, or these broadcasters and – to some extent – ESPN have no idea what’s going on.

I demand answers. I also expect to win some sort of journalism award for this caliber of investigative reporting.


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