The New York Giants & Bill Simmons

I don’t even know how to accurately articulate how happy I am about the New York Giants, so I’m not even going to try. I just can’t do it. The only thing I can say for sure is that this is the most satisfied I have ever felt as a sports fan. Obviously, the Yankees’ dynasty from 1996-2000 is a contender. But this is different and infinitely more satisfying. I mean, the World Series wins were fantastic, but I was 10-14 years old during their run, and now I realize that I took some of their success for granted. I’ve become a more experienced, reasonable, and appreciative fan at the advanced age of 21, so this win is incredibly special to me. The Giants against the Patriots, New York against Boston, formerly “Fredo” Manning against Brady, Wild Card against undefeated – I just can’t wrap my head around it yet.

What I can do, however, is pick on a distraught Bill Simmons. It’s nothing huge, but it caught my eye. Early in the piece, he writes:

We were the arrogant fans who dismissed the chances of the other team. We had the Super Bowl postgame party looming that had been a hot ticket all week.


The Giants had a deep threat. They had a monster defensive line. They had a semi-experienced quarterback and a good running game. Unlike in 2002, some people were giving this underdog a chance. I just didn’t see it.


I never thought the Patriots would lose. I thought they’d be tested, I thought the game would be great … but lose??? 

Which one is it, Bill? Did the Giants have no chance going into it, or were they a good team with several dangerous components? You said some people were giving the Giants a chance (which is false, but okay), but that you weren’t. But you also said that you thought it would be a great game in which the Patriots would be tested. Can’t have it both ways, buddy.

I also love how suddenly Bill has found ways to praise the Giants after an entire season of mocking Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning, and proclaiming that the Giants would be hopeless on the road in the playoffs.

Anyway, back to euphoria.


One Response to The New York Giants & Bill Simmons

  1. ChrisV82 says:

    I’m a little bit older than you, so I went through a longer period of no Yankees wins, and therefore I’m not ready to put this above the 1996 W.S. However, I rank it right up there, along with the 1994 Stanley Cup.

    It’s also been a long time since NYC has had a big championship moment. Maybe 2000, but it wasn’t really close, and the Yankees were coming off a run of titles.

    Plus, it helps that NYC gave a little bit of payback to Boston for the 2004 ALCS…different sport, but bigger stage.

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