Let The Games Begin

I mean that literally and figuratively. On the literal side, Vanderbilt baseball has its home opener today, which I will be attending in about an hour. So that’s good. Figuratively, it’s about time that I fulfill my obligation as a Yankees fan and commence some (rational) smack-talk towards those who get carried away about the Red Sox. This post shall be brief, but I would just like to comment on one thing from this article.

“The way [the Yankees] score runs, you know they’re going to be in the race down to the end,” said Kevin Youkilis.


That’s smart media coaching. But who’s kidding whom? A less filtered sentiment came from closer Jonathan Papelbon, who, when asked to assess the Yankees’ chances, said, “Dude, I don’t even know who’s on their roster this year.”

Oh my God. I really, really hope that in October, we’re talking about this quote like we talked about Tom Brady’s “we’re only going to score 14?” quote. Except that quote was somewhat warranted, since the Patriots’ offense was insanely good. Brady was somewhat justified. Papelbon is a moron.

Arguably worse, I think, is Mr. Klapisch’s “who’s kidding whom?” interjection. The implication – at the very minimum – is that the Yankees are clearly an inferior team. I would just like to remind the general public that the Yankees finished 2 games out of first place in the AL East last year. That is including 38 starts from Kei Igawa, Darrell Rasner, Tyler Clippard, Matt DeSalvo, Jeff Karstens, Carl Pavano, Chase Wright, and Sean Henn.

Also of note, I think, is that Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA system has the Yankees going 97-65 this season, and the Red Sox going 91-71. This is the same system that correctly predicted – much to the intense surprise and even anger of many baseball people – that the Chicago White Sox would go 72-90 last year. That’s worth something. Not everything, but something.

Let the games begin.


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