I Am Irritable, Which Must Mean It’s Baseball Season

For your reading pleasure, I present to you the first potpourri of moronic baseball analysis, followed by my corrections and/or opinions. Today’s victims are the Detroit Tigers’ broadcasters.

Edgar Renteria is at the plate with runners in scoring position:

“Edgar Renteria is a clutch hitter. He hit .341 with RISP last year – clutch indeed.”

Renteria hit .332 last year. The difference between that and .341 is a handful of hits. He OPSed .860 last year, and .875 with RISP. Again, minimal difference.

Also about Renteria:

“Edgar is an unselfish baseball player. He’s always looking to go right back up the middle with a pitch.”

That…is nonsense. Pulling the ball is selfish? What does it even mean to be selfish in baseball? Isn’t the goal in baseball for an individual player to achieve the best possible outcome in every encounter? Questions abound.


(camera shot of Tigers’ starting pitchers) “There are the Tigers’ starters. And boy, do they have some good ones.”

In 2007, Justin Verlander had a 125 ERA+. He’s fine. Jeremy Bonderman was at 91. Nate Robertson = 96. Kenny Rogers is at 103 and is 57 years old. Dontrelle Willis put up an 83 in the NL, with consistently increasing hits, homers and walks allowed, and declining strikeouts. I think the jury is (or should be) out as to whether or not the Tigers have good starters. Time will tell.

Happy baseball season everyone, from Scrooge himself.

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