Math Can Be Such A Buzzkill Sometimes

I was just watching an ESPN News segment during which baseball analyst Orestes Destrade offered his opinions on the NL West this year. The anchor mentioned that the San Diego Padres, unlike the other teams in the division, stood pat this winter and neglected to make any major moves. Destrade:

“You’re right, the Padres have sort of stayed put with what they’ve got. So it’s going to be tough for them. For them to have a chance in the division, they need to play well at home – .700 ball – and .500 on the road.”

I’m most definitely not a math whiz. I’m probably not even average. But I’ve got a pretty decent sense of when something sounds fishy. Destrade’s claim sounded fishy.

If the Padres won 70% of their home games, that would be 56.7 wins. If the Padres also won 50% of their road games, that would be 40.5 wins.

56.7 + 40.5 = 97.2 wins.

The following teams won 97 games in 2007:

Yeah, I’d say 97 wins would be enough in the NL West.


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