Special K: Clutch Friend, or the Most Clutch?

Just a quick personal note.

My esteemed colleague and wonderful friend Kevin is graduating from Vanderbilt University today (it may have already happened in the past hour, I’m not actually sure, I’m pretty drunk). It’s reasonable to say that without his influence and support, I would have left Vanderbilt much sooner, I wouldn’t have discovered a real love of baseball, and this site wouldn’t even exist. His core decency and unblinking rationality will serve him well in life (unless someone mentions a sports team from Massachusetts). I think it is safe to declare Special K The Greatest Clutch Friend In the History of Mayfield 12 and Towers 1303.

So congratulations, Kevin. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there today. Hopefully it wasn’t swelteringly hot and humid during the ceremony and there wasn’t a tornado or a incident involving country music or anything.

Special K will be taking his degree in Advanced Entymology to South America to study the effects of the boll weevil on the Amazon rainforest.*

*Not true


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