Fire Jerry Crasnick?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the single laziest answer by an “expert” analysis in “expert” analysis history. I present to you, from yesterday’s chat with Jerry Crasnick, the new nadir of sports insight:

Patrick (Brooklyn, NY): Jorge Posada: Overrated, Hall of Famer, or somewhere in between?

Jerry Crasnick: Patrick, My initial knee jerk reaction is, “Somewhere in between.” But I haven’t checked him out on lately.

It is definitely way too demanding to ask Mr. Crasnick to check out Jorge Posada’s statistics during a chat in which he is asked baseball questions about baseball players. Apparently, if you don’t catch Mr. Crasnick on a day when he happened to look at a certain player’s numbers, you have no chance in hell of getting your question answered because, well, he just hasn’t seen the player’s numbers lately. But wait!

Ravi (NY): Hi Jerry- I’ve never had a question answered, and I’m hoping you can end that streak for me….Ryan Church: Is his fast start a fluke, or is his production vs lefties (.324/.405/.514) a product of playing everyday? I know Hojo has worked with him to reduce the uppercut in his swing.

Jerry Crasnick: Ravi, Welcome to the chat. Ryan Church has a .752 career OPS against lefties, so it’s not as if he’s been an automatic out against them. If Church says that Howard Johnson has had a positive impact on his performance, you have to believe that’s the case. In Washington, the Nats always thought Church had potential, but they were frustrated with his inability to stay on the field because of nagging injuries. I think this is just a combination of maturity, health and opportunity. (emphasis mine)

I can guarantee you that Mr. Crasnick did not know, off the top of his head, that Ryan Church has a .752 career OPS against lefties. He looked that up on a website. The type of website he visited also probably had Jorge Posada’s career statistics that he could have used to answer Patrick from Brooklyn’s question. But no, that is way too much work. Shame on you, Patrick from Brooklyn. Shame on you.

Fire Jerry Crasnick?


5 Responses to Fire Jerry Crasnick?

  1. loverboy says:

    Nice blog, but how many hits do you get…it would suck if you do all this nice work to only have me and 2 other people reading

  2. Francoeur Frank says:

    In response to loverboy I would have to say that the point of a blog isn’t always to get hits. True it is a goal, but most people have a blog to get their opinions out on the net, a way to vent. Trust me, there are more people out there who read this blog, they just don’t comment. (This is not an attack on loverboy, because I agree with him that it would suck if only a few people saw this site.) Oh and Jerry Crasnick sounds like a dumb-dumb.

  3. Special K says:

    But hits would be nice too!

  4. Clubfoot says:

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that Crasnick gives it away so often on the online chats. When it comes to research he’s a lazy bastard, and research is the whole game for a scribe, isn’t it? Check out his bit this week on examples of flamboyant players in the past — a hilariously inept piece where he actually cites Pete Rose getting a hit off Mark Fidrych in the 1976 All-Star Game as an example of a hot dog getting put in his place…!!?? Crasnick must have been short of time as usual to elevate a douchebag like Rose for singling off a popular and sportsmanlike rookie phenom in the most meaningless game of the year.

    And if you check out the ESPN site, you’ll see that readers are unable to send comments directly to Crasnick unless they pony up subscription cash first. The guy is so sensitive they have to protect him from reader comments? Good luck getting him fired — he must have the goods on them or something. Anyone know his email address? Put it out there!! The public has a right!! ;)))

  5. Jay says:

    Typical New York Yankee fans self indulgent, self important BS…who gives a sweet fiddlers tinker if Crasnick or any other writer thinks Jorge Posada belongs in the HOF…chripes…you people are unreal. Jerry was covering baseball at the age of 24…when MOST of you guys were even born. Crasnick has forgot more about baseball than you will ever know…

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