Okay, Fine. I’ll Bite.

I’ve tried to stay out of this whole debate about Joba Chamberlain’s celebrations. This is primarily because it is a stupid discussion and I don’t care. I wish he’d calm down a little, but ultimately this is not that big of a deal. But because the sports media seems intent on shoving this down our throats, and crotchety old curmudgeons keep saying essentially “this never would have happened back in my day!”, I am going to issue a friendly reminder to these curmudgeons who probably don’t even know what the internet is so why am I even doing this. Reminder starts…now:

In conclusion, get off Chamberlain’s back or start getting on others’.


2 Responses to Okay, Fine. I’ll Bite.

  1. Keesup says:

    The problem isn’t that any player has these fist-pumping moments – it’s that a Yankee does. Certain teams are stuck with the label of being the calm, clear-eyed, even-keel, ultimate professionals; and the Yankee are the pinnacle of that (Cardinals and Braves might be the equivalent in the NL). But the Red Sox are supposed to be gritty and emotional and working class and all that shit, so such behavior is actually expected of Papelbon. K-Rod is a fiery Latin player. Zambrano does the same routine for a historically shitty/emotional team AND he is a fiery Latin.

    I’m not saying these labels are true (do you know how much more expensive tickets are at Fenway and Wrigley now?) but they are hard to shake. I wonder now how Paul O’Neill’s bullshit tantrums play into these assumptions and whether it was reported on at the time as a negative – The Yankee Who Hurts Things When He Fails?

  2. Special K says:

    I’m not sure about how O’Neill’s hissy-fits were discussed in the national media, but I know here in New York they were lauded. Come to think of it, he would have fit in well on the current Red Sox. Anyway, it would be interesting to find out if his tantrums were discussed any differently nationally than Joba’s celebration. Because if they were, it narrows down significantly the source of the double-standard. Is it an veteran/young player thing? Dynasty/non-dynasty?

    God I hope I infuriated some self-righteous Yankee fans with that O’Neill and the Red Sox comment.

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