ESPN Must Improve: “Ability To Cover Sports”

I was trying to think of some witty way to introduce my newest complaint about ESPN, but I really don’t have it in me. The direct route seems more fitting for this one:

During last night’s NBA Draft, the viewer is treated to a highlight reel for each recently drafted player. Once the montage is over, ESPN tells us what each player must improve to have a more successful NBA career. It’s fun to read this, because invariably every white guy must improve his athleticism, foreign guy his toughness, and black guy his professionalism.

So, I was sitting at a bar and watching the draft with my friends. They were very patient and understanding of my desire to stick around until Shan Foster gets drafted. After all, I went to college with him and he has been prominently involved in some of my greatest memories from school. The 51st pick rolls around, and the Dallas Mavericks take him. We applaud and cheer. The highlight reel rolls. Shan Foster “must improve: 3-point shooting.”

Wait, what?

Foster shot 46.9% from deep his senior year. He also attempted the 13th most 3s of anyone in the country. And hit 46.9% of them. Foster’s shooting ability is the reason he got drafted. He’s not a great defender. He doesn’t get to the line. He’s not proficient at attacking the basket. He’s an average passer. But he’s a gifted, gifted shooter. His shooting is the one skill that might give him a spot in the league.

Now, the volume was off at the bar. Maybe one of the analysts saw that horrendous error and said something like “I don’t know why we have that up there” or “that is wrong.” If they did that, then I will calm down a little. If they didn’t, then that is the laziest, most careless analysis that I have ever seen.

Just awful.


One Response to ESPN Must Improve: “Ability To Cover Sports”

  1. Francoeur Frank says:

    I got home from my double header just as he was being drafted, and I have to say that no they did not say anything about the stats. So rant away.

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