Georgetown Shouldn’t Make The NCAA Tournament

Yesterday, ESPN’s Andy Katz posted a blurb about the Georgetown Hoyas and their chances of making the NCAA Tournament. Here’s the important part:

“Georgetown should be dead after losing to St. John’s. But what would happen if the Hoyas were to knock off one or two of the top four seeds en route to a [Big East] championship game appearance? OK, enough with Georgetown.”

I couldn’t agree more with the last sentence. Far too many writers, analysts and broadcasters are still toying with the idea that the Hoyas remain on the tournament bubble or, at worst, need a win or two in the Big East tournament to garner serious consideration. As you can see, Katz falls victim to this desperate exercise too, although he does a better job than most at limiting his argument. 

Quite simple, Georgetown shouldn’t be in the NCAA Tournament unless they win the Big East tournament. The Hoyas are 15-13 overall, 6-11 in the conference. While they’ve beaten Memphis, UConn, and Villanova, they’ve lost to Tennessee, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Seton Hall, Cincinnati twice, and St. John’s (and there are seven more where those came from). Some of those losses are worse than others, but for Georgetown to gain viable consideration, they had to win more of those games. Yes, their non-conference strength of schedule was ridiculously hard and yes, they play in the murderous Big East. But we cannot allow such a difficult schedule to be a win-win situation for teams that goes this route. It indeed gives a team a certain amount of leeway, but the team must also accept the risk that accompanies the potential rewards. A team should not be rewarded for forming an arduous schedule, and then generally getting its rear end handed to it in playing that schedule. 

Georgetown has 13 losses, including a few stinkers. I admire them greatly for playing one of the most, if not the most, difficult schedules in the country. At some point, however, they had to win some games to preserve their viability. They didn’t, and that’s why the continued discussion of the Hoyas as a potential tournament team is ridiculous.


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