High Five Fail: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Here at Fan Interference, we strive for balance. With myriad sportswriters, radio hosts, television analysts, and those darn bloggers all proclaiming various opinions as fact, it’s important to give proper consideration to the opposite side of an argument. That’s a big part of what we do here. We also like to balance our heavy-duty, nerds-only material with less intellectually taxing moments of lighthearted fun. Balance is important to us.

Fan Interference is also a big fan of awkward moments induced by mental or physical inadequacy. Such a moment is colloquially known as a “fail.” Entire websites have been devoted to the rigorous archiving of these uneasy episodes. Because the honorable St. Patrick was a big fan of “fails” too (especially the messy Excommuniation Fail of 455 AD), it seems only right that we grace you with two generally similar failure-revealing videos. In the spirit of balance, the physical nature of these clips complement nicely an earlier intellectual gaffe. I ask you: who failed harder?




Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone.


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