Yeah, Because That Really Makes Things Better


Los Angeles Clippers forward Zach Randolph was arrested for driving drunk early this morning. You’ve read my thoughts on the despicableness of this crime relative to other, more publicized problems in sports, so I’ll spare you another rant. One thing did, however, catch my eye in the AP report. I give you Clippers’ head coach Mike Dunleavy:

“Obviously this was bad judgment as far as being out the time he was out, etc. My initial thought was, ‘What a fool, this guy was out clubbing,’ ” the coach said. “[But] he was traveling from a condo in Marina del Rey to his home in Marina del Rey, probably about a mile difference. He was in a couple of vehicles with his family members and he was pulled over.”

Right, because drunkenly driving a vehicle containing some family members makes you less of a fool than doing so by yourself after a night out.

One Response to Yeah, Because That Really Makes Things Better

  1. Judi says:

    Your recent postings on the drunk driving arrests of athletes take on new poignancy following the death of LA Angels’ promising pitcher Nick Adenhart. This time, it wasn’t the athlete driving under the influence; rather it was the athlete who was the victim of a drunk driver. And let us not forget that there were two other victims of this accident; the driver is charged with three counts of murder. If this doesn’t get the message to the sports community that driving under the influence is irresponsible and criminal, what will?

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